Graphic design

I’m graphic designer, my career is extensive and multidisciplinary, from illustration, photography, video, graphic design and web design, lettering, infographics, character development, children’s illustration.

Corporate identity

The graphic identity of a company is one of the biggest challenges I’ve seen in the world of graphic design, a brand that reflects the power of a company and where it wants to reach.

It is a challenge that I like to undertake, to feel the company and the place it occupies in an environment where it wants to develop. To show it as a unique company with some characteristics that is represented by an image.

Logo I Performed For BasketMe

Web Design- #e-learning

Design Web

Quién soy


“Experimentar, sentir, conocer, llegar y comunicar” Para mi el diseño tiene todos los factores que me apasionan. Después de 18 años experimentando, sintiendo, comunicando y llegando desde el diseño, he podido sentir la satisfacción de un trabajo acabado. Me considero multidisciplinar y autodidacta incansable. Me gusta sintetizar una idea, un concepto que transmita lo importante. Esta es mi base.

“Experience, feel, know, reach and communicate” For me, the design has all the factors that fascinate me. After 18 years of experiencing, feeling, communicating and arriving from the design, I was able to feel the satisfaction of a finished work. I consider myself multidisciplinary and self-taught tireless. I like to synthesize an idea, a concept that conveys something. This is my background.


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